Never fear the cold again!

Toasties Supply Hand Warmers provide hours of Eco-Friendly Heat. Designed to fit comfortably over your fingers and sit securely in your mitten or pocket applying heat where it is needed most. Incredibly easy slide on design and ergonomic feature to prevent bunching on ski poles, we’re stoked to keep your hands nice and Toastie.

** For best heating results **

When indoors, expose your Toastie to air for 15 minutes before placing inside your mitten or pocket.

– As always, Embrace the Cold & Stay Toastie.

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Cold Hands? Mittens vs Gloves Explained

Gloves are cool and all, but if you’re a true shredder you know mittens are the only way to Stay Toastie! The reason why is simple, mittens are warmer than gloves because they don’t separate your fingers. For your fingers to share warmth they need to be touching! and to add heat for those extreme winter days where your fingers naturally can’t emit enough heat, we designed Toasties Hand Warmers.

Our Toasties not only completely surround your fingers with additional heat and keep them extra toastie, they also sit comfortably in each mitten. Say goodbye to adjusting those other boxy hand warmers that constantly move – Toasties are designed to stay in place and fit the curved shape of your mittens perfectly. Our Toasties produce heat once activated for 7+  hours so your mittens remain nice and cozy for you when you need to pull your hand out.

Think of it like this, for survival if you’re ever in the position where you need to keep warm and maintain body heat you know to huddle together. Skin on skin contact and less total surface area is always best for body heat not to escape. It’s the same with your fingers, don’t let them face the cold alone.

Let’s send it and Stay Toastie together! Just remember to tell your mates to keep their mitts off your Toasties and to get their own. 🙂

Toasties to the Rescue for Raynaud’s Phenomenon

Have you heard of Raynaud’s Syndrome? For winter lovers everywhere it’s a less than ideal phenomenon that causes your hands and feet to react harshly to the cold. Raynaud’s is a common condition affecting millions of people and is caused due to reduced blood flow to the extremities, including hands, feet, and even the ears and nose.

Our Toasties can help lessen the symptoms of Raynauds, which range from cold hands or feet, fingers and toes turning very pale (even blue in extreme cases), and often resulting in numbness or a painful sensation. One of the simplest and most effective ways to help combat Raynaud’s when adventuring outside is to be proactive and preventative, dress for the weather, layer up, and make sure to have a pair of our Toasties ready to activate for hours of protective warmth.

Toasties are here to help you enjoy winter and relieve the symptoms that can get in your way. Embrace the Cold and Stay Toastie with us!

*Those who are affected and suffer from Raynaud’s may experience a range of symptoms from mild to severe. Always discuss the best options for treatment with your doctor. Toasties are a product designed to help only.

Repurpose Your Toasties!

Did you know that once our Toasties are done keeping your hands warm outside, the contents inside can be composted or repurposed as a soil enhancer? Pretty cool right!? Thanks to Toasties all natural and biodegradable ingredients you can feel good about staying toastie and environmentally friendly all at the same time. It’s a win for both your fingers and your green thumb!

Each pair of Toasties hand warmers are composed of 50% iron powder, 27% water, 10% activated charcoal, 8% vermiculite, 3% sodium chloride, 2% sodium salt and 100% winter stoke. Ready to activate your Toasties!? Simply expose them to air and an all-natural reaction occurs producing heat through the exothermic oxidation of iron (thank you mother nature). Once used, happily cut the top off and pour the contents of your Toastie out for your repurposing needs.

Embrace the Cold and Stay Toastie this winter!

Pro-Tip: Collect the contents of your used Toasties in a mason jar and use accordingly for a cost effective way to enrich your soil with added nutrients and minerals year round.