Repurpose Your Toasties!

May 10, 2022

Did you know that once our Toasties are done keeping your hands warm outside, the contents inside can be composted or repurposed as a soil enhancer? Pretty cool right!? Thanks to Toasties all natural and biodegradable ingredients you can feel good about staying toastie and environmentally friendly all at the same time. It’s a win for both your fingers and your green thumb!

Each pair of Toasties hand warmers are composed of 50% iron powder, 27% water, 10% activated charcoal, 8% vermiculite, 3% sodium chloride, 2% sodium salt and 100% winter stoke. Ready to activate your Toasties!? Simply expose them to air and an all-natural reaction occurs producing heat through the exothermic oxidation of iron (thank you mother nature). Once used, happily cut the top off and pour the contents of your Toastie out for your repurposing needs.

Embrace the Cold and Stay Toastie this winter!

Pro-Tip: Collect the contents of your used Toasties in a mason jar and use accordingly for a cost effective way to enrich your soil with added nutrients and minerals year round.