Cold Hands? Mittens vs Gloves Explained

July 2, 2022

Gloves are cool and all, but if you’re a true shredder you know mittens are the only way to Stay Toastie! The reason why is simple, mittens are warmer than gloves because they don’t separate your fingers. For your fingers to share warmth they need to be touching! and to add heat for those extreme winter days where your fingers naturally can’t emit enough heat, we designed Toasties Hand Warmers.

Our Toasties not only completely surround your fingers with additional heat and keep them extra toastie, they also sit comfortably in each mitten. Say goodbye to adjusting those other boxy hand warmers that constantly move – Toasties are designed to stay in place and fit the curved shape of your mittens perfectly. Our Toasties produce heat once activated for 7+  hours so your mittens remain nice and cozy for you when you need to pull your hand out.

Think of it like this, for survival if you’re ever in the position where you need to keep warm and maintain body heat you know to huddle together. Skin on skin contact and less total surface area is always best for body heat not to escape. It’s the same with your fingers, don’t let them face the cold alone.

Let’s send it and Stay Toastie together! Just remember to tell your mates to keep their mitts off your Toasties and to get their own. 🙂